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About Your First Novel & Inspirations

About Your First Novel & Inspirations

Novels are a great way of conveying incredible storytelling to many readers. Authors usually pour in[more]
Success Through Social Intelligence

Success Through Social Intelligence

  Just like any interactive environment in life, be that in sports, at home, on the street[more]
A Brilliant Egyptian Is Re-shaping “Smart Metals"

A Brilliant Egyptian Is Re-shaping “Smart Metals"

  Many Egyptian/American professionals in Houston identify themselves as Doctors or Engine[more]
It’s not Food Delivery, its Fuel Delivery

It’s not Food Delivery, its Fuel Delivery

Former Cairo resident partner in on-demand gas delivery service in Houston   FuelMe[more]
How To Land Your Next Job

How To Land Your Next Job

  This is my first experience publishing an article with the EAS Scribes. My intent of th[more]
Syrian Refugee Camps: Too Many Children Left Behind

Syrian Refugee Camps: Too Many Children Left Behind

As the international community awaits results of an investigation by the United Nations on whether o[more]
We didn’t ask to be Egyptian Houstonians… We just got Lucky!

We didn’t ask to be Egyptian Houstonians… We just got Lucky!

Being an Egyptian in Houston is not easy and it is most definitely not like living anywhere else in [more]

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  • Winning numbers for Jan. 17, 2018
    Lottery winning numbers TEXAS Lotto: 1/179-16-19-33-40-46 Estimated jackpot $7 million Winning tickets NA Next jackpot 1/20NA Pick 3 morn.: 1/176-0-4 Sum: 10 Pick 3 day: 4-3-8 Sum: 15 Pick 3 even.: 6-8-7 Sum: 21 Pick 3 night:4-6-9 Sum: 19 Daily 4 morn.: 1/175-3-4-5 Sum: 17 Daily 4 day: 1-1-8-5 Sum: 15 Daily 4 even.:3-6-2-7 Sum: […]
  • Amber Alert issued for missing Missouri City teenager
    Authorities with the Missouri City Police Department are searching for a teenaged girl at the center of a Wednesday night Amber Alert.
  • If federal government shuts down, what will that mean for Texas?
    AUSTIN - Texans will feel little to no immediate impact if the federal government shuts down Friday, according to several state and federal agencies. Funding to keep the federal government running is set to run out midnight Friday unless Congress passes a new spending bill. Republicans expressed optimism Wednesday that they have a deal on […]

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  • One of these 20 locations could be the home to Amazon's newest headquarters (AMZN)
    Amazon has narrowed its search for the site of its next headquarters, dubbed HQ2, to 20 cities.  The list of candidates include Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Columbus, Ohio. The company said it will make a final decision this year. Amazon has waded through 238 proposals from cities across the US eager to […]
  • This device will be the next smartphone
    The smartphone is an essential part of our everyday lives. But as with all technology, things change. So the question becomes: What will be the next smartphone? Will it be the connected car? Or the smart speaker? What about the smartwatch? Find out which device, if any, will take over the smartphone's role with this […]
  • 14 can't miss sites along the Oregon Trail and the stories behind them
    Immortalized in the '90s-kid-favorite computer game of the same name, The Oregon Trail makes for an epic 2,000-mile road trip, perfect for history buffs and fans of vast natural beauty. The trail spans six states (nearly seven, if you count the marginal border area between Oregon and Washington), and we’ve found the prime historical sites, helping […]
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