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Egyptian Team Wins Houston The Sister Cities of Houston Tournament

Egyptian Team Wins Houston The Sister Cities of Houston Tournament

  The Egyptian soccer team beat the Japanese soccer team in the final round of the annual [more]
How To Land Your Next Job

How To Land Your Next Job

  This is my first experience publishing an article with the EAS Scribes. My intent of th[more]
How To Manage Your Manager

How To Manage Your Manager

  January 2015 marked my 10th year working in the Oil and Gas industry, a milestone I am p[more]
A Brilliant Egyptian Is Re-shaping “Smart Metals"

A Brilliant Egyptian Is Re-shaping “Smart Metals"

  Many Egyptian/American professionals in Houston identify themselves as Doctors or Engine[more]
We didn’t ask to be Egyptian Houstonians… We just got Lucky!

We didn’t ask to be Egyptian Houstonians… We just got Lucky!

Being an Egyptian in Houston is not easy and it is most definitely not like living anywhere else in [more]
Success Through Social Intelligence

Success Through Social Intelligence

  Just like any interactive environment in life, be that in sports, at home, on the street[more]
About Your First Novel & Inspirations

About Your First Novel & Inspirations

Novels are a great way of conveying incredible storytelling to many readers. Authors usually pour in[more]

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  • Dry air moving in means hot days, but one more rare, cool August night
    Winds have been out of the north or northeast all day today, bringing in drier air to the region. This is what passes for a “cool front” in August. And while we haven’t seen much effect today, there should be a pretty good cool down tonight and Sunday morning with drier air cooling off more […]
  • HEAT: Advisory issued for most of Houston area
    It’s been hot, but now it’s dangerously hot says the National Weather Service. So it’s issued a heat advisory for the following areas through 7 p.m. Area of heat advisory. (National Weather Service) A heat advisory is issued when the heat index is forecast to crest above 108 degrees. The heat index is the combination […]
  • Wake-Up Weather: Rain still possible, but drier air moving in and that means more heat
    Editor’s note: This morning’s post is written by Matt Lanza, a meteorologist with an energy company in Houston. I’m thrilled to have Matt here. As part of a plan to expand weather coverage of this blog the Chronicle is bringing on Matt to write weather posts on Fridays and weeks when I am on vacation, so […]

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  • Correction for Aug. 2, 2015
    A photo that appeared of Thomas Ksiazek, a University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Ebola researcher, was unrelated to an article with which it appeared on Page A1 on Saturday. Thomas Geisbert, the doctor featured in the article, helped develop an Ebola vaccine a decade ago. He began at UTMB in 2010 and never […]
  • WINNING NUMBERS for Aug. 1, 2015
    TEXAS Lotto: 8/01 8-17-18-21-25-51 Estimated jackpot $18 million Winning tickets None Next jackpot 8/5 $18.75 million Pick 3 morn: 8-1 1-0-2 Sum: 3 Pick 3 day: 9-6-5 Sum: 20 Pick 3 even.: 3-9-0 Sum: 12 Pick 3 night: 4-1-1 Sum: 6 Daily 4 morn.: 8-1 0-4-3-5 Sum: 12 Daily 4 day: 8-7-3-0 Sum: 18 Daily […]
  • Teen faces charges after pointing rifle at officer, leading police on chase
    Brazoria County deputies have charged a 16-year-old Mexican citizen with aggravated assault on a public servant, arson and drug possession following a car pursuit Saturday that spanned two counties and ended with the suspect pointing a rifle at authorities. The suspect told officers he was upset that police were shooting undocumented workers without legal consequences, […]

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  • Kenya marathon stars march for peace
    Kainuk (Kenya) (AFP) - John Kelai became a runner to escape a hard and dangerous life in northern Kenya, where three of his uncles were killed in armed cattle raids when he was a teenager.Now the 38-year old top marathon runner has returned to lead a peace march, hoping to end cattle rustling and revenge […]
  • Iraq's Jon Stewart combats jihadists with laughs
    Amman (AFP) - Defying death threats, an Iraqi television comedian is fighting the Islamic State group with biting satire aimed at lifting the aura of fear that is one of the jihadists' strongest weapons.Two men with fake beards walk into a bar and ask for orange juice and "halal" water, with a wink and a […]
  • Private equity is finally getting ready to cash in (kkr)
    In July, three companies that were targets of some of the largest-ever leveraged buyouts — Univision, the Spanish-language broadcaster; technology company First Data; and supermarket Albertsons — filed to go public. The companies are also notable because they've been owned by private-equity funds for much longer than anticipated — as much as a decade in Albertsons case.An IPO […]
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